Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Has to say that November has been one crazy month:

San Miguel, Lima, Peru
The view from my new apartment here in San Miguel, Lima.
Hello my friends on the interweb, it does seem like it has been a while since my last update here on Beyond the horizon. Just let me put it like this, that I feel like I have a few legit reasons for this. The truth is that November has been in so many ways a crazy, stressful and hectic month for me and this has been the leading factor to my absence from more or less everything related to my usual online activities. It's not that I haven't tried to write and publish blog posts, but I have been unable to complete them for numerous reasons. I have tons of ideas for future posts and I have been stuck on one single one throughout most of the month. Loaded it up every single day just to run out of steam a couple of hours later, but I will complete the post.

As mentioned, this month has been crazy in so many ways and I have done my very best to balance everything. Take care of my job, updating my blog, give my cats enough attention, spend time with my family and prepare everything to move to our new apartment. Yes, we have moved out of our old apartment in Magdalena del Mar, we did that 3 days ago. Not just moving out of our apartment, but we moved to a whole different district here in Lima. We are now living in a district called San Miguel, that is about 20 minutes away from our old place. There is one thing that has shocked me and that is how difficult it is to actually find an apartment. The problem didn't lay with finding one to take a look at, but one that could meet a set of minimum standard.
San Miguel, Lima, Peru
I just had to show the other direction of the view. I just love it here.
Do not think I am mistaken if I say that we went looking at around 20 different places in Magdalena and nearby districts. They were either too small, too high up or too expensive. Believe me apartments in Lima can get very expensive, especially in districts like Magdalena or Miraflores. They do not even need to be that big either, just being in the right part of the district. Anyway, we found a place, not something that will be permanent, but more like until our son is done for the year. Because we have another place waiting for us if we feel the need for it when the school year is over in December. A much bigger one for the same price, more or less. Its really up to us if we want to go through this ordeal again so soon.

In all of this, I do have some good news for you guys. Do you remember all the kittens that we had? If not, maybe you should read the post (TheBowler family has now gotten some new members) and then come back to this one. The good news is that every single one of them has now gotten a brand new home and family. The last kitten left us just days before we had to give back the keys to our landlord, so you can say that it had a happy ending since we couldn't take any of them with us. On top of everything, we have also found a home for the male cat (Gompen). This is actually a funny story, cause it was actually the cat of the previous tenant, that lived in our apartment before us. So we did a good deed by taking care of him.
Cute kitten
Sorry for the dark photo, just wanted to show how my reality was for a while.
So our beloved Gompen got reunited with his original food mom and that kind of made my day when I heard it. I will miss him a lot, but it would be wrong of me to keep him when I know that he has a home that really missed him. We took good care of him and gave him a home when he was lost and when we found out where he belonged we returned him to the rightful “family”. It's not like he is gone forever, cause we can always go and visit him if we feel the need for it. Since he still lives in the same building as we did. The lady moved back in as we moved out, to tell the whole story. So now we are back to being a family of 4, instead of 11. It is kind of crazy that we have managed to find a new home to nothing less than 7 cats in just a few days.

Well, my friends, I just wanted to update you guys on what was going on in my expat life and explain why I have been quiet lately, I also believe that you now agree with me on my reasons? Now things are about to start to fall into place and return to normal. The exciting part is that I have a brand new part of Lima that I can show you through photos and videos. This is something that I am really looking forward to, so maybe it is time for me to brush the dust of my Youtube channel for you guys? Take my camera out with me while I am going out on my exploration of the area? Well, I better wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, a personal post like this shouldn't be too long, but I do hope you enjoyed reading it.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

I am now celebrating my third Halloween here in Peru:

Funny Halloween photo
So, my friend, I have a question for you today. Do you celebrate Halloween or is this a tradition you do your best to opt out on? Maybe you are waiting it out for the more family-friendly Thanksgiving that is just around the corner? Because for many years I was one of those who did absolutely everything he could to avoid this celebration. Had nothing to do with religion or anything, more than I took a silly stand against the introduction of just another money grabbing holiday. A celebration aimed at so the shops could improve their sales and profits ahead of Christmas. It's not like I am anti-capitalist or anything, far from it really, but the truth is that back then I felt it were more than enough shopping holidays through the year already.

Well, my attitude towards Halloween started actually to change gradually already back in 2008, while I was living in Canada and by the time of my Spain adventure in 2013 I had actually gotten used to the idea of this type of celebration. Okay, I still didn't engage in it back home in Norway, but I did see it from a whole different angle. Especially after experiencing how the Spanish celebrated Halloween. It seemed like they had a richer tradition attached around. From what I remember they celebrate it for about 3 days were the third day is dedicated around family members who have passed away. Spending the day at the graveyard and remembering their loved one. Please do not arrest me on this, if I have misunderstood the entire concept.
Trick or treating in Lima, Peru
My son getting his first candy for the day
After I moved to Peru I have really gotten into the tradition of Halloween, to such a point that I am actually excited about it than my own son. Like today, I have been tripping around in excitement and almost been unable to wait for us to go trick and treating here in Magdalena. For me, it's not about the candy or anything, but it is all about the joy and excitement that my son feels when he walks around from store to store. Seeing all the kids in the street and the joy. Okay, usually I end up with some candy my self, but that is usually what my prince doesn't like or what he wants to share with me. It's not like I am raiding his bucket or anything. The truth is that he gets way to much candy after his couple of hours long walk.

There is actually one aspect of how Peruvian celebrate Halloween that I really like. In most parts of the world, the kids go from door to door for the trick and treat part, but not here. Instead of going around knocking on the doors of strangers they do their trick or treat walk at the market or centre. Going from shop to shop where the shopkeeper hands out the sugar rush of the year. I can promise you if you start early wow, you will have so much candy by the end of the night. By early I mean 4 or 5 in the afternoon, we usually start around 6, but he gets more than enough anyway. To be honest, I feel that going from shop to shop is much better and safer than the alternative. I don't think anyone disagrees with me here.
Trick or treating in Lima, Peru
His bucket is really getting full now.
Now that I look back on today, I have to say it has been a major success, my baby boy is in sugar heaven and playing some sort of game on his computer. Since its no school tomorrow he is allowed to be up extra long, it is “his” day after all. Today he went out dressed as Captain America, he really loves his superheroes, last year he was Ironman. In his closet, he has an outfit of more or less every single one of the popular ones. I even believe he has one of Thor, minus the hammer. Anyway, I have to say that this day has been a complete success. On top of it, it was all 3 of us that went out together. Not like it was last year, where it was just me and my baby boy. Not that we didn't have fun that time, because we did.

So now all we can do is wait for next years Halloween and enjoy the time in between. You know Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, summer and before we know it Halloween is back. We are out shopping for new outfits and getting ready for the fun day. Isn't it strange how your views on surten things change as you experience it up close? Like I have with Halloween and many other things as well. Have you had a fun Halloween celebration and how did you spend the day? Well, its getting kind of late and I am writing this post while I am working. Have to catch up on the time I spent going trick or treating. I do hope you enjoyed my post and leave a few words in the comment section? I know that I will appreciate it, greatly.

Monday, 15 October 2018

I am now going slightly mad in my own cat heaven:

Hello all my friends here on the world wide web, its Monday already and isn't it scary how fast weekends turns into a new weekday? Anyway, with Monday comes time for a new post on Beyond the Horizon and today I feel like ranting a bit. I guess that the headline for today's post reveals the topic. Yes, I am feeling like going mad in my own little cat heaven right now. Okay, I love animals and especially cats, but sometimes it can get a bit much. Especially with the numbers of cats that I have at the moment. I am not sure if you have read the post that I published a week ago (The Bowler family have gotten some newmembers) if you haven't read it yet, why not spend a few minutes on it? It put things into a better perspective.

So back to the topic of the day, I would say that 1 cat is a lot of fun, 2 cats are doable, but 8 cats are borderline madness. Yes, I do have 8 cats at the moment. 1 female, 1 male, and 6 kittens. I can't blame anyone else for the cat situation than my self since I failed big time on the part of getting my beautiful Gompina fixed. So it's my fault completely, but its only temporary. The plan is to only keep Gompina and find new homes for the other 7. I know that I might come off as a bit negative in this post, but with 8 cats in the apartment, I feel it is justified in some way. I am not sure about what experience you have with cats, but prior to this, I have only had one cat at the time.

So imagine this scenario, we have Gompina constantly nagging about food, Gompen is either angry or jealous 24/7 and on top of it, we have 6 kittens calling for their mom when she isn't in their bed. Let's say that from time to time they do test my patience. One thing that baffles me is how badly Gompen is reacting to this situation. Because prior to her giving birth they were like two peas in a pod, the best friends in the world and my girlfriend used to say that they were acting like a married couple. Now he can't even look at her without acting up, hissing and all that kind of stuff. It has been so bad at times that I have considered finding him a new home now, but the truth is that I love that little guy too much.

So instead of finding a new home, we are trying to give him special treatment. This in form of extra attention, his own place to eat and things like this, but I have to say that his reaction to the kittens saddens me a great deal. It seems like he is suffering because of the situation and it seems to influence my lovely Gompina too because she acts like she wants his attention. My theory is that he isn't the father and that his anger towards them stems from jealousy, but I don't think I am far off on this one. Because the first couple of days he was really eager and protective towards them, but all of a sudden he changed into this hissing and angry cat. Do any of you guys have any idea about why he is acting like this?

Well, this is my life in cat heaven, but do misunderstand me correctly. It's not like I am disliking having the cats and kittens around me. The truth is that most of the time I am loving it. Two beautiful cats and 6 super cute kittens. Most of them haven't even developed eyes yet either, but that does not stop them from crawling around and I can't help my self from engaging with them a lot more than I should. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I promised my self to keep a safe emotional distance, but I have failed big time, but can you really blame me for it? They are so adorable, you can't disagree with me on this one, or what? I guess this should be the end of my rant, but I hope you enjoyed it.